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Gigforce’s 2020 List – Top 10 Work From Home Gigs for Women

Work from home jobs is the new trend. Especially for women who might have to manage households and children, pregnant women, and previously working women who are now with children. Having a career is increasingly important for a lot of women, and rightly so. Women are choosing to balance their personal and work lives without compromising on either. 

However, there is an increasing need for flexibility to be able to work part-time from home. A doctor’s visit for the kid or a need to stay engaged only when the children are away is some of the top reasons why part-time work from home is popular.

At Gigforce we have Gigified these jobs for a win-win situation. Employers now pay only for the time the Gigers work and the employees work only on the days and for those hours that suits their personal work schedule.

Gigforce lists the top 10 work from home gigs for women this year to help aid your endeavors at the same. A work from home gig has so many benefits such as :

  • Work hours that you can choose and adjust
  • Being able to be available for your children while working, if you’re a mother or a guardian
  • Earning your own money for increased financial independence 
  • Being able to connect with people in your field of interest from the comfort of your home
  • Not having to spend time in commute which you can rather allocate to your other priorities, as required


Here are Gigforce’s top 10 picks for work from home jobs for women: 


  1. Customer Support Executive 
  2. Telemarketing
  3. Recruitment Executive 
  4. Voice-over artists
  5. Content Creator
  6. Graphic Designing and Video Graphics
  7. Social media management
  8. Social Media Influencer
  9. App and Web Developer
  10. Digital Marketing


1. Customer Support Executive Gigs

Work from home customer service is one of the top gigs recommended by Gigforce due to its consistency, predictability, and limited skill requirements. Most of the time all you need is a patient ear along with clear communication skills. The most preferred language in India due to demographics is English and Hindi.


This gig can be either voice-based or non-voice based chat support. You can be interacting with customers worldwide solving their queries and attending to their complaints.


You must ideally have a laptop with recent configurations and a smartphone, most players are on an android operating system.


As a voice-based/call center customer care executive is further of two types:

  1. Inbound: Here you receive the calls from the customer asking to solve their queries and complaints
  2. Outbound: As an outbound call center executive you are required to call the customer who has reached out to the company for a complaint.


As a chat support agent, you are chatting live with a customer to solve their queries. This does not require a voice interaction. This is also one of the top Gigs for those who may have a speaking disability.


See More here about the Top 12 Gigs for disabled people – Link here to that blog


2. Telemarketing Gigs


Work from home telemarketing jobs for women is a kind of an outbound call based gig where you are calling a prospect to inform them about the company’s product or service and convincing them to buy.

Now, this calling may either be a cold -calling where you just have a list of numbers but you don’t know if they are actually interested in the company’s product or service or it may also be a call to a curated list of customers provided by the marketing department. In the case of a curated list, it is much easier to convince the customers.

Nevertheless, as a telemarketer, you must be ready to face a lot of rejections but the taste of success is also fairly sweet. You need a little persistence, some basic sales etiquette, all about the product/service that you are selling, and some basic negotiation skills.


3. Recruitment Executive Gigs

One of the most sought after Gigs especially by highly educated women is being a recruitment executive. This is a role that is very critical to most of the employers as they are looking for their next hire. As a recruitment executive working from home, it will be your responsibility to screen the candidates according to the parameters provided by the client. Most of this screening happen by going through the resume and talking to the candidate to understand their basic eligibility for the role. The resumes may or may not be provided by the client depending on that project. 

Once the basic screening is done and the candidate is shortlisted, the recruitment executive is expected to coordinate between the candidate and the client to set up a round of the interview.

Most of the other process is usually carried out by the in-house HR teams of the client. However, the final responsibility of communicating the result and making an offer may still lie with you.


This is a very important role and is also something which is a lot of fun!


work from home women customer service representative


4. Content Creation Gigs

There are two popular ways of content creation:

  1. Blogging
  2. Vlogging


Blogging is to write detailed articles such as this very article that provides information to people about their topic of interest. This allows any business to attract their intended audience who are looking for some related information to land on their website. Most of the professional blogging in India is done in English though there may be a few opportunities in local languages too. However, the good news is that the opportunity in local languages is increasing.


One of the top-rated courses to learn blogging can be found at:

Content Writing & Creative Writing Course


Vlogging is not but a video format of a blog. With increasing internet speeds on our smartphones, streaming a video is no longer a problem. Now, most people love watching videos instead of reading a blog however, it also takes a lot more effort to Vlog than to blog. It requires much more commitment, planning and resources.  However, the rewards are also proportionally higher. 

Some of the top Vlog topics are informative videos on various social issues, lifestyle vlogs such as vacation, food or beauty & fashion. Parenting and family vlogs are also an increasingly rising Vlog segment.

You need a good camera, mic, and editing skills which you can learn through online courses, videos on YouTube and offline classes as well. 


5. Graphic Designing and Video Graphics Gigs

For the creative minds out there Graphic Designing which includes creating video graphics these days is an increasingly growing opportunity. 

Video graphics include creating a compilation of various graphics in the form of photos, animations, and other such images using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other such creative tools. 

Don’t forget to create your own portfolio at Behance. It is one of the most popular sites where most graphic designers have a portfolio. Consider this as a LinkedIn for graphic designers.


There are multiple learning opportunities available on the web and a host of tools to make the lives easier and coordinate with your team members about these designs.

Take up a course like this to learn it online quick: 

Graphic Design Masterclass – Beginner Level

Graphic Design Masterclass – Intermediate Level


The above courses will take you through almost all the important tools of graphic design on the web today.



6. Voice-over and dubbing artists Gigs

As we understand from the various work from homework opportunities above which involve a lot of content creation. Most of this content creation requires a voice-over to complete the videos.

Further, an increasingly global world requires more and more content translated from one language to multiple languages.


All you need to get started is a humble home studio. Learn the skills for voice over below and set yourself up for one of the most interesting virtual jobs available.

Voice-Over Training: Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

7. Social media management Gigs

Social media management is a gig that requires a good understanding of: how various social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or others may work. 

Almost all companies maintain a few social media assets that are relevant to their audiences. 

This is an important first touchpoint for most companies’ end customers and is critical for their brand perception.


Though this part-time gig can easily be accomplished by working from home, however, it requires serious involvement with the organization’s stakeholders and a longer commitment period to achieve success, unlike most other roles that we have discussed above.

The marketing team of your client is the most important stakeholder and if you work for a small to mid-size company you may actually be talking to the owner of the company on a day to day basis. Now, that is a cool Gig!


There are a lot of good sources of learning Social Media Management on the Internet. Here is a top-rated program that we recommend: 

Social Media Management – The Complete 2019 Manager Bootcamp


8. Digital Marketing Gigs


Digital marketing is the superset of most of the other things that we have seen above such as content writing, graphic designing, social media management, and others.

This is a serious business where accomplished consultants in India can even earn up to 3-5 Lakhs per month on this. 

The digital arena is changing every day and the results that the various channels offer, change almost every 18 months.

This means that if you want to make a career in this field you need to be someone who loves to keep track of changes in their industry very often and always upskill themselves. It requires much higher skills than most of the other work from home gigs covered here by us.


Highly recommended course by Gigforce are:

Google Search Ads Training

Mega Digital Marketing COurse




9. Online Tutors Gigs


Do you remember that time as a kid when you wanted to study from the best teacher in the town but he/she was hours away from you? things are very different today and the kids can easily learn from across the world while sitting at home.


It saves a lot of time for both kids and the tutors where they can in the comfort of their homes. In addition, the tutors can cater to a higher number of students within the same time that is available to them. This is one of the top-rated work from home gigs for you if you are love teaching kids.

You can register at the site below to become an online tutor and teach the world sitting at home.

Become an Online Tutor Here






10. App and web development


This is one of the highest paying Gigs if you are looking for a sustained and high earning potential work from home career. Moreover, this is also a Gig that is going to stay here for long and maybe least threatened from automation at least in the next 10 years. 

Therefore, you should definitely invest time in learning skills for this work from home gig.


Best place to find these Gigs:






Learn this skill to be eligible for this gig here: Become an Android Developer – Nanodegree



So,  distance should no longer be a hindrance to work and nor should gender be. Gigforce’s list for 2020’s best work from home jobs for women is definitely worth exploring! 

Be a Giger®

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